1. ICT Consultancy and Training

We implement and support SunSystems Financial. We also develop interfaces with other external systems

To maximize the benefits that can be gained from a computer system, it is essential that the user be trained to use the system effectively. The well-trained users will achieve greater satisfaction from their work; this improves the moral and by doing so, leads to greater efficiency. It is with this in mind that we engage highly experienced trainers who assist organizations in training SunSystems.

2. Management Consultancy and Training

In addition, we prepare management training courses to meet the specific requirements of an organization. These would be designed to ensure that staff obtains the necessary knowledge and ability to meet the needs of their respective organizations. We emphasize on using both instructional and participative approach that makes learning more interesting and challenging to all the participants.

For us to reach out to our clients in different organizations at different centers, we offer both in-house training and on-site training.  The client has the option of making a choice on where the training is to be conducted.

Some of the management areas we can offer training in include:
-        Strategic Planning
-        Financial Management
-        Business and Market Research
-        Time Management
-        Customer Service Principles

3. Business Planning

4. Financial Analysis

5. Investment Advisory services